IRECCEE – International Research Experiences in Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering

Arizona State University in collaboration with the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

Call to Ph.D. and Master-Thesis students:

2024-25 Applications are now open to travel

to any foreign university!!


Applications are being accepted. Once a student has been admitted

into the IRECCEE program, the student will remain a fellow participant

as long as needed so that travel dates can be set – i.e. once it is safe

to travel and travel bans have been lifted.


Due to the impact of COVID on international travel, IRECCEE now

sponsors research experiences to any international university (in

addition to our international partners) with a previously established

research relationship. Proof of your or your domestic mentor’s

relationship with the foreign mentor is required.


Sponsored by NSF – IRES program


Why joining this NSF-funded IRECCEE fellowship program?

  • Short-term research experience at one of seven premiere international universities
  • Professional development
  • Opportunity to establish and maintain networks of collaboration with international faculty and leading researchers
  • Access to world-class equipment, laboratories, and facilities
  • Access to unique sources of data, ideas, and methods
  • Broadening global research awareness through intercultural and immersive experience
  • Long-term impact on academic progress (e.g. dissertation, skills, publication record)
  • Connection to ASCE professional development resources

What does the IRECCEE fellowship provide?

  • Logistic and financial support for short-term research engagement internationally (2 months to one semester)
  • Financial support for airfare, Visa, and housing
  • Advice and assistance in support of the international experience and professional development activities

Who can apply?

  • Citizens, nationals, or permanent residents of the United States
  • Graduate student at a U.S. institution of higher education pursuing a degree in civil, construction, or environmental engineering
  • Preference to PhD students (highly motivated research-based Masters students will be considered)
  • ASCE student member (start free membership now!)

Note: Approval letter from the U.S. research mentor is required.

Selection criteria

Applications will be reviewed by a dedicated committee. Selection will be merit-based and inclusive of research and professional development plan, long-term benefit to the student, and support of U.S. and foreign research mentor(s).

IRECCEE fellowship & selection process

Fellow students are required to participate in a formal evaluation of the IRECCEE program.

  • Step 1: Students submit an expression of interest through this website
  • Step 2: Once contacted by the program, each student must submit a formal application
  • Step 3: If selected, matching of the host international institution and foreign faculty mentor will be confirmed
  • Step 4: The student will engage in several pre-experience preparatory activities
    • Attend an online orientation session
    • Attend an online ASCE ethics in engineering training course
    • Attend an online leadership and cultural awareness professional development course
    • Attend a local, regional, or national ASCE professional event
    • Engagement with foreign faculty mentor
  • Step 5: Coordination of trip logistics (all travel arrangements will be coordinated through ASU)
  • Step 6: International research experience
    • Attend onboarding and onsite orientation at host international institution
    • Collaborative research experience
    • Engage with local industry and professional development events
    • Seminar/presentation at host international institution or at a local professional meeting
    • At all times, maintaining safety, ethics, and behavior during the international experience
  • Step 7: Upon return to the U.S.
    • Presentation at an ASCE conference or professional meeting/workshop
    • Refereed journal or conference publication (preferably co-authored with foreign faculty mentor)


For questions please contact